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"I have a knack for inspiring others to fall in love with working out."

Meet Silviya Mihaylova, Home Bodies Trainer
to Medford, Winchester, Arlington,
and surrounding areas.

The first time i went to the gym i felt in love with fitness.Ever since then i have been obsessed with working out. Since I was already in the gym six days a week, I figured that it would be the perfect career for me.

I have experience both with in-home training and training in studios. I prefer in-home training because it's easier to develop a strong relationship with the client, and there is more time/the sessions are less rushed.

Clients seem to love the fact that I switch their workouts all the time. You will never get bored training with me! I have a diverse background in so many different ways to work out. However, my favorite type of training are free weights and bodyweight training.

I believe 'eating clean' and learning to develop dedication to eat right is the key to success with nutrition. I am also a huge believer in the importance of protein.

My specialty is weight loss.

Silviya's Qualifications and Certifications

*IFFA certified

*National Personal Trainer Institute diploma

*First Aid Certificate, CPR Certificate

*Associate in management

Silviya trains clients at their homes and offices in Medford, Winchester, Arlington, Somerville and surrounding areas in MA.

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