Personal Trainer Job Opening
in the Greater Boston area

Attention Personal Trainers in the Greater Boston area! Home Bodies in-home fitness training of greater Boston, Massachusetts is looking for personal trainers to work with clients in their homes.

Home Bodies currently serves clients in the 50-mile radius around Boston, with the potential to expand even further. However, we require more trainers on our "team" to make this possible.

Whether you live North, West, or South of Boston, Home Bodies may be able to provide you with clients ready to book in-home visits with you. Home Bodies will take care of all the marketing and lead-generating: you will simply have to uphold your professional credentials and knowledge, and show up for the session. You will get paid better than you do in almost any health club setting, plus have to freedom to work the hours you choose, and without the pressure and stress of having a boss looking over your shoulder all day.

All Home Bodies trainers MUST be certified by a nationally recognized organization. A four-year degree in a health-related field is a plus. Most of all, a Home Bodies trainer must be passionate about fitness, be able to travel to client's homes, and be able to deliver results for the client. Specialties are welcome and encouraged (such as sport-specific training or pilates), but most clients are seeking weight loss and improved energy/better health as primary goals, so the ability to help clients achieve these results is a MUST.

You may contact Gina Paulhus if you have questions or would like to speak with her about job openings. You may also send a resume by mail to:

Home Bodies
4 Vale St.
Merrimac, MA 01860

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