My goal is to give others the motivation to live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Meet Kim Branon Kalinowski, Personal Trainer to Nashoba Valley and surrounding towns.

By Kim Branon Kalinowski, ACE CPT

I am a strong proponent of ‘progress not perfection’ and believe that each of us is a work in progress and that a lifestyle of fitness should include having FUN!

I have always been an athlete and competed in various high school sports including field hockey, softball and skiing. Through my adult life I have continued to vary my interests and activities to include mountain biking, waterskiing, golf, hiking and resistance training.

With my athletic background and the desire to motivate/coach others, I decided to incorporate my passion into my career by becoming both a Ski Instructor and a Personal Trainer. I became certified by Professional Ski Instructors of America and, on a part-time basis for over 14 years now, have been spending the winter months teaching others how to ski and helping them to overcome their fears. With the ski season being relatively short in New England, I also decided to become a Personal Trainer and received my certification from the American Council on Exercise. This has enabled me to train, coach and motivate others in health and fitness in a much broader capacity.

My approach to Personal Fitness Training is to incorporate activities that one already enjoys, introduce some new activities, promote healthy eating habits (notice I don’t use the word ‘diet’) and encourage making a lifestyle change in this way. I am a firm believer of increasing ‘activities of daily living’ and believe that being active should be a priority, even if it starts with just getting outside for a walk at lunchtime.

If you are reading this you are probably considering making a change in your lifestyle. As your Personal Trainer, I will give you my undivided attention and share with you my knowledge and we will become a Team in achieving your fitness goals. I will incorporate the key components of a complete fitness program – cardio, resistance and flexibility training – and get you on your way to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Please continue reading the testimonials below to see what other clients have to say about their results and experiences with me as their trainer. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is what Kim's clients have to say
about working with her...

"When I first contacted Home Bodies in August 2010, I had my June 24, 2011 wedding coming up and was looking to get in shape for this special day.

Prior to working out with Home Bodies, I was a college athlete and had athletic experience, but felt my workouts had become stagnant and boring. It was no longer something I looked forward to. I was looking to get my energy and strength back, all with keeping my wedding day in mind. Incidentally, I had also been diagnosed with slightly high cholesterol within the past month. I consulted Home Bodies in an attempt to get my workout life back and just feel better in general.

I met with Kim Kalinowski and we meshed right away. We talked about my fitness goals and set to work on a fun, dynamic workout plan. Working with Kim was great--she provided me with the motivation, encouragement, and guidance to work out even in the earliest of mornings! Communication was always key and she was always available to answer questions. As my endurance, strength, and cardio improved, the workouts became appropriately more challenging and this kept the workouts fun and exciting. I could not believe how much strength and flexibility I gained from these workouts!

As a result, I sit here today writing this testimonial one year later and I can honestly tell you working with Home Bodies has changed my life in ways I didn't think were possible. As a result of my weekly workouts with Kim, I have lost approximately 15 pounds, dropped from a size 10 to a 6, and have never felt stronger or leaner in my life.

Even during my days of college athletics, I have never felt this toned or energetic. I have received compliments on how much leaner and toned I look, especially on my wedding day!

I also just found out that my cholesterol has returned to normal and I truly believe it is a result of my workouts with Home Bodies.

I continue to work with Kim on a weekly basis now that my wedding has come and gone- I not only see Kim as a personal trainer and a great motivator, but also a great friend. I look forward to continuing to work with her and Home Bodies for many years to come!

Eileen C.
Lunenburg MA

"Having a personal trainer that can meet you at your home or theirs is a great convenience. When I was starting my exercise program, I had particular scheduling issues that I hoped could be met with an in-home trainer. Kim has been more than willing to work with me around my scheduling issues. If I had to go to a gym, I could not have done it. Additionally, there are none of the negative social issues you have at a gym or a club when you do in-home training - personally I wanted only to exercise, not feel like I had to keep up a fashion front! It has been great working with Kim and I highly recommend her for in-home personal training."

Nancy V.
Groton, MA

"Kim Kalinowski possesses a unique ability to design a challenging fitness plan for both able-bodied and physically challenged individuals, like myself. Having back and neck surgery had limited my ability to access most gym equipment and gym programs. 'One size fits all' did not work for me. Kim’s assessment skills of my physical limitations were matched with her creative design of a cardio/resistance training regimen – powerful, motivational, and exciting – and it soared me to new heights! It works and I just LOVE IT!"


Maggie W.
Ayer, MA

"I absolutely loved working out with you Kim. I felt that our session was just perfect...not to hard on me that I never want to come back, but just hard enough that I really felt it the next day! I am looking forward to more of the same. Thank you!"

Nancy N.
Westford, MA

Working with Kim is a blast!

"My husband and I are both busy professionals with a new baby. We wanted to work out to be healthier for our new family. And we wanted to work out together so we could spend that hour of work-out time with each other.

Kim came to our rescue and taught us, coached us, and challenged both of us. While we had different abilities (and an injury on my part), Kim was able to tailor a combination of cardiovascular, stretching, and strength training activities to meet our needs. She even created some 'couples' exercises that we could do together. The routines were fun and variable so boredom was never an issue. She is confident in her knowledge/skills and speaks up with an alternative technique is recommended to prevent injury. Kim is thorough, prompt, and efficient. And best of all, we love her sense of humor.

Kim rocks as a trainer and we highly recommend her to anyone who wants an amazing workout, loads of fun, and lots of laughs!"

Melissa and Jason
Groton, MA

"My 13 year old daughter and I both worked with Kim and have enjoyed our experience for a few reasons. For my daughter, it was learning some new exercise routines to help get herself in better conditioning for track. She liked the challenge that Kim was able to provide for her along with helping her to be accountable to her plan during the week by keeping track and sharing her results with Kim.

For me...I enjoyed working with Kim, she is so easy to talk to and very she knows her stuff! I was very impressed with how she ran our sessions and did a great job of addressing my needs. I got a lot out of our time together and look forward to continuing to see Kim in the future. The best thing I learned was ways to increase my endurance...and it's working! Also, I am preparing to hike Mt. Katadin and needed some tips to strengthen my core and upper body....not my favorite parts but she has definitely made it much easier and more fun!

Thanks so much Kim."

Christine and Rebecca (age 13) V.
Lunenburg, MA

And here is ‘the rest of the story’...

January 2013

Mike and Christine trained all summer and successfully traversed to the 5,267’ summit of Mt. Kathadin. After celebrating their accomplishment, Mike surprised Christine by proposing. While enjoying a small bottle of champagne and sharing their news with the recently arrived hikers, one of the other hikers said “I am a minister, I can marry you’ and they were married on the spot.

Kim’s Qualifications

• Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise)
• PSIA Certified (level II) Ski Instructor
• Certified PACE Group Circuit Trainer
• CPR/AED certified

Kim serves communities around Lunenburg, MA up to approximately 40 minutes from Lunenberg. Areas include: Shirley, Ayer, Littleton, Groton, Concord, Pepperell, Townsend, Ashby, Leominster, Lancaster, Harvard, Stow, Bolton, Boxboro, Westford, Dunstable, Chelmsford, Carlisle, Acton, and Brookline and Hollis, NH.

If you would like to work with Kim, or find out more about working with her, please fill out the Quote Request form.

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