Need a Trainer in Little Compton, Barrington, or Newport, Rhode Island?
How About Fall River or Taunton, MA or surrounding areas?

Meet Ed Ducy, Home Bodies Personal Trainer to Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Ed works with all clients, but specializes in senior citizens and those with disabilities.

Ed Ducy of Fall River, MA is a specialist in weight training, resistance training and functional training. He provides in-home personal training to many senior citizens and handicapped people as well as the general public. Ed can help you to lose weight, gain strength, speed, agility and endurance and to help you function better than you ever have before.

Ed’s interest in Physical Education, Fitness and sports began at an early age. His passion was fueled playing football in high school and football and lacrosse in college. He graduated from Dean Junior College and Oklahoma City University, majoring in Physical Education, Health and Recreation.

Ed taught elementary and middle school level Physical Education in Oklahoma. He served as a Lifeguard and Camp Counselor and instructed various classes in Physical Education at YMCAs in both Oklahoma and Massachusetts while in college.

While attending college in Oklahoma, Ed also began a career in Law Enforcement to help him pay for college. He worked nights on the Campus Police Department at the University while taking Physical Education classes during the daytime. Upon returning to Massachusetts after college, he began a career in Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services, but he continued his involvementin fitness and sports. He played in Softball and Basketball Leagues through work and continued to do weight training, jogging, swimming, golf, tennis and biking. He often worked with other Police Officers and EMTs, training them in various aerobic training, resistance training and functional training programs in order to help them stay fit and help them avoid the debilitating effects of job stress often found in the fields of Law Enforcement and EMS.

After retiring from Law Enforcement and EMS after twenty-five years of service, Ed was unfortunate to incur a serious automobile accident that left him with a number of disabilities. Ed made up his mind that he would not become an invalid despite his disabilities. He became certified as a Personal Trainer so that he could work in the fitness industry specializing in senior citizen and handicapped fitness. Ed truly loves working with these specialty groups.

"If I can work out and train daily with my disabilities," says Ed, "I believe I can inspire my senior-citizen and handicapped clients to continue to exercise, achieve their fitness goals and continue to live healthy and productive lives." Ed provides resistance training, aerobic and functional training programs for his clients that help them regain strength, endurance and balance. He adapts his fitness programs to the needs of these specialty groups to help then regain bone density, strength, agility and balance, which in turn helps to prevent them from falling and having serious accidents, as many seniors and disabled often do. Ed also notices what recent medical studies have confirmed: that in certain cases fitness training helps prevent and even reverse memory loss in seniors. Ed’s background in EMS also provides an extra measure of safety for disabled and senior citizen clients.

"Fitness is a life long process," says Ed. It is not something that comes easily; you must work at it on a daily basis.” Ed believes that he can inspire his clients to work hard to overcome their disabilities or any other challenges that can make attaining a better fitness level difficult. He wants to help any and all people to obtain their fitness goals. "If you want something bad enough, you can obtain anything!" says Ed. “My philosophy is, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! This is as true in fitness as it is in life."

Ed's Qualifications:

. A.S. in Physical Education, Health, Recreation - Dean Junior College
. B.S. in Criminal Justice and Sociology - Roger Williams University
. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer - NESTA (The National Endurance and Sports Trainer's association)
. Affiliated with the American Senior Citizen Fitness Association. Retired Police Officer and Federal Police Officer - 25 years experience - Fitness Trainer for Police Officers and Emergency Medical Technicians
. Retired Nationally certified and Massachusetts certified Emergency Medical Technician, Ambulance status - 20 years experience
. Certified in Advanced Life Support First Aid, First Responder First Aid, CPR and AED
. Previously taught Physical Education, grades Kindergarten through Eight in two schools in Oklahoma
. Previously taught Physical Education courses in YMCAs in both Oklahoma and Massachusetts
. Currently providing in home fitness programs for clients in weight and resistance training, aerobic and cardiovascular training and functional training
. Specializing in fitness programs for Senior Citizens and Disabled People

Ed Ducy serves communities around Fall River up to approximately 30 minutes away from Fall River. Areas include Westport, Swansea, Somerset, Freetown, Dighton, Rehoboth, and Taunton, Massachusetts, and Little Compton, Barrington, Tiverton, Middletown, Portsmouth and Newport, Rhode Island.

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