Patrick Miller is Home Bodies' Personal Trainer to the Concord NH and Manchester NH area.

My initial interest in fitness began while serving as a paratrooper in the US Army. In an environment like that, fitness is not only a job requirement, it can be a life saving asset that gave us all plenty of incentive to stay in top condition. Today’s service members have taken a much more modern approach to fitness and nutrition especially those that serve in special operations units.

The highly competitive atmosphere is what led soldiers to seek out more knowledge in the latest training techniques and nutritional information. Throughout the time that I was in the military the positive effects of being in shape and healthy made me want to continue pursuing fitness and nutrition as possible career paths once my time in the service was up.

Although much of my background in fitness is from the military that does not mean that workouts with me would be some sort of boot camp session, but rather a carefully thought out routine for an individual’s specific needs and goals. At times I myself have had trouble sticking with a routine, or diet plan due to a busy schedule with work and school, but over time the diet plan has simply become the way that I eat and the routine is a part of my day that I look forward to. When I returned to the states after being deployed I was physically and mentally beat down. I had become sick during the deployment and my health and fitness levels deteriorated drastically. After returning home I had to virtually start over with working out and eating right again. At first it was very difficult being sore after every single workout and not feeling like I was making any progress, but I knew that the alternative of giving up and not trying to get back in shape was an unacceptable attitude to have, even if the task seemed insurmountable. Once you approach fitness and nutrition in a similar manner, you will no longer perceive it as an inconvenience and it will just naturally become a part of your new healthy lifestyle.

For most workouts I enjoy doing high intensity resistance training with lots of variety to keep things interesting, challenging, and fun. I typically like to do drop sets, giant sets, and circuit style training. Most often I focus on strength training to induce hypertrophy and would consider it to be the area that I have the greatest amount of knowledge about, but various types of cardiovascular exercise are also part of the approach to overall fitness.

I have a very easy going and laid back personality, but still like to keep the motivation and enthusiasm up during workouts so that clients can get the most out of each session and look forward to improving for next one.

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