Dana Brown uses a Whole-Health Approach with Her Personal Training Clients. She Will Ensure that you are 100% Healthy,
Inside and Out!

Meet Dana Brown, personal trainer to Bridgeport, West Haven and Hamdon CT and surrounding areas.

I have always been an active person but it was not until my mid 30's that I decided to take it seriously. At that point my passion became distance running and competing. My training as a runner inspired a move from Southern California to New Mexico to take advantage of the high altitude for training purposes. I began working with children, seniors and Special Olympians as a track and field coach, which led me to a teaching job in physical education. My interests at that time shifted toward whole body balancing and I became certified as a Master Wholistic Kinesiologist, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and a Personal Trainer in addition to completing my degrees in Naturopathy and Healing Arts.

My approach to training and fitness is whole body focused. All areas of life have to be addressed to complete the package. Exercise is futile if nutrition and diet are not being included. It is also important to assess issues that may be going on systemically and under the surface. Through an in depth nutrition questionnaire and muscle testing, answers and direction to your very individual needs can be addressed. I love putting the pieces together for each and every client.

Dana's Qualifications and Certifications

*Certified, Master Wholistic Kinesiologist™
*Certified, Nutritional Therapist
*Certified, AFAA Personal Trainer
*Certified, APEX Personal Trainer
*PhD, Naturopathy
*MS, Healing Arts

My clients range in age, from school children to 95. My training approach is so individualized that it does not matter what 'shape' or 'condition' you think you are in--there is a perfect direction for you that is safe and will yield the results you are looking for. There in is the joy!

Here is what some of Dana's clients have to say about working with her...

"Dana Brown has been my personal trainer at The Sports Clubs of Albuquerque for approximately two years. Her talents have certainly made a big change in my life.

I am a sixty-four year old woman with a husband with multiple sclerosis. As the disease progresses, I will need body strength to support him when he can no longer support himself. My physical condition has changed dramatically over the past two years. I have no doubts that I will be able to do whatever is necessary. Dana helped me by developing a comprehensive workout that would make me markedly stronger without causing damage or injury. I can honestly say I am more physically fit now than I have been in the last forty years.

Dana’s knowledge of the nutritional needs of the human body, supplements to help any deficiency, and natural healing techniques has been helpful to me, and to my husband and daughter with MS. We all appreciate her skills."

Dana Brown serves Milford, West Haven, Branford, Guilford, Stratford, Bridgeport, Westport, Hamden, and Cheshire CT and surrounding areas in Connecticut.

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