Prioritize Your Health—Even if you have the Winter Lazies

By Ashley Arpe, Master Trainer

We all live in New England and have to deal with the season changes—which pleasant as they are, come with changes in the amount of daylight we have. If the sun does not shine--oh well life goes on. If it snows too much it doesn't matter, exercise never has a day off. Put yourself first before everyone else. The world can wait. What's the rush?

Shoveling snow helps you burn calories. You can even use shoveling as a workout—if you can complete the job without resting. If you do not exercise regularly however, then half way into shoveling you may need to take a break which defeats your efforts to accomplish a cardiovascular workout. If a person is in shape this would never be an issue. Your back would not get sore since you would have proper core stabilization.

There is not any excuse good enough why you should not get up, get out, and get working out. A person's health is more important. If you are a parent and do not take care of your health think about all the things that could happen if you do not put your health first. Make it a routine. Even if it’s just 30 minutes every day at least it is something. Something is better than nothing. Nothing isn't going to help your waist line get thinner. Working out is the cheapest medicine out there.

It does not matter if the sun does not come up until 7am. Ignore it. One's health is the most important to take care of then anything in life. Nothing is more important than yourself. Take care of your health first and foremost!

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