Outdoor Workouts For Summer

It's Summer - Go Outside and Play!

Don't miss your chance to do outdoor cardio workouts from time to time! They can be so much fun and so good for our spirit.

If you are like me, you belong to a health club so that you can exercise in a warm place when it’s cold outside and a cool place when it’s hot outside. Of course, when the weather is good and days are long, we just want to be outdoors as much as possible. 

There are so many ways--hike, jog, ride bikes, roller blade, swim, surf, waterski, or play outdoor competitive sports. Ramp up your run by jogging on the beach in the soft sand and give those different muscles a workout, not to mention giving your cardio a big boost. No time for the long leisurely morning bike ride before work? Find a hilly area and do an intensive 30 minute interval training workout. (When I lived in Boston and didn’t have time for a biking circuit around the Charles River, I’d head for the hills of the Arnold Arboretum or Forest Hills Cemetery.) 

Oh, you are not really into any of those activities? Well here are a few other outdoor cardio workout ideas for you.

• Jump rope is fun if you do it with the neighborhood kids. Tie a couple of jump ropes together and get everyone to participate, singing all those old jump rope rhymes. You can make it a regular weekly neighborhood event.

• Badminton seems like such a lame game, but really is a great workout when played aggressively, one-on-one, chasing, diving for and hitting that little bird around. And let’s not forget all the laughing when you think how silly you must look playing Badminton XXX.

• Hula hoops! Hooping has made a comeback and gives a great core and cardio workout. I can only imagine what my neighbors must think when they see me walking around my yard with a twirling hoop hanging off my waist, arms or neck, attempting (and often failing) to do all those tricks you can’t do during the winter in a house with low ceilings! I often use hooping as part of an exercise program for my clients who have a good workout as well as a good time.

What outdoor cardio workouts do YOU like? Send in your favorite ideas via the comments section belowand we’ll share them in the next newsletter.

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Dawn Boulay is the author of this article about outdoor cardio workouts. Dawn Boulay has been a Home Bodies personal trainer for over 10 years. She is also a personal chef! See her bio here.

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