Outdoor Cardio Workouts:
How to Set Your Pace on the Road

Although walking or jogging outdoors is generally a harder workout than you get using a treadmill, one advantage of the treadmill is that you set the pace and the incline—let’s face it, sometimes when you are outdoors you don’t keep that same brisk clip as you do when you try to keep up with that treadmill setting. On the other hand, it’s usually easier to exercise for longer outdoors because boredom doesn’t set in so soon.

Here is how you can have the best of both worlds:

1. Go through your music selection and find some songs that keep a beat to an “easy” pace for you.

2. Next, find some songs that keep a beat to a “hard” pace for you.

3. Create a mix that alternates the slower songs and the faster songs. Be sure the length of the mix corresponds to the length you want your workout to be.

4. During your workout, set your pace according to the speed of the song that’s playing.

5. Once your endurance improves, create a new mix with the pace a little faster than before, both for the “easy” portions and for the “hard” portions.

6. Keep your mixes handy in case you need to return to them after a break from training. Or, lend the old mixes to a friend who is just starting out!

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