If you’re confused by all the conflicting information that’s out there and just want something that is simple to follow on your own right at home or at your gym, please consider Home Bodies for online exercise and diet advice!

Gina Paulhus's online Personal Fitness and Diet Programs are designed to help you get on track with your health and fitness goals!

You’ll learn the basics about proper exercise and/or supportive nutrition through your program with Gina Paulhus. The information will be geared to the equipment (or lack thereof) you have at home or at a gym, your personal exercise and diet history, and your goals specifically. That’s something you will never get from another diet book or magazine.

Here are the Online Programs
Home Bodies Offers this Month

All fees are covered by an Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee If you purchase a program, Gina will be in touch shortly to gather the necessary information so you will be able to select options and allow her to give you custom recommendations.

Accountability Programs

*Stick to Your Diet for a Dollar a Day*
Have daily accountability for following your diet, and have the trainer analyze your choices. Studies show that those who keep a food log lose more weight and keep it off compared to those who don't write down what they eat. Please call for more info: 508-633-7749.

Diet and Exercise Troubleshooter Programs

Diet Troubleshooter
Find out why, in spite of all your efforts, your exercise program hasn't given you the results you've been hoping for. Please call for more info: 508-633-7749.

Programs for Women

*Get a Female-Specific Custom Routine*
Take advantage of Gina Paulhus's female-specific expertise to achieve results with a program designed for a woman's body. Gina will design a custom routine for you based on your diet and exercise history, and your goals. Please call for more info: 508-633-7749.

General Program Design: Diet and Exercise

*Health/Fitness Assessment and Exercise Program Design*
Learn which type of home program would be best for you, learn the correct form, and learn how frequently you should exercise for best results. Please call for more info: 508-633-7749.

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