New Indoor Cardio Workouts

New Indoor Cardio Workouts: Mixing it up on the Machines!

new indoor cardio workoutsf you're in the mood for some new indoor cardio workouts, you're in luck!

Looking for new indoor cardio workouts? I get it! This time of year it's inevitable that some workouts end up being done indoors. To beat the machine boredem, try these new indoor cardio workouts:

Ellipital Insanity: (this is an advanced workout)

Minutes 0-5: warm up at a moderate resistance and pace(generally level 6)

Minutes 5-7: Pedal as fast as you can maintain at level 18 for 30 seconds; at level 16 for 30 seconds; at level 14 for 30 seconds; and at level 12 for 30 seconds.

Minutes 7-10: Pedal only holding on with your left hand at level 6 at a moderate pace.

Minutes 10-13: Pedal only holding on with your right hand at level 6 at a moderate pace.

Minutes 13-15: Pedal as fast as you can maintain at level 18 for 30 seconds; at level 16 for 30 seconds; at level 14 for 30 seconds; and at level 12 for 30 seconds.

Minutes 15 to 30: Repeat the prior settings.

Finish with a 2-minute cooldown at level 4 and easy pace.

The Treadmill Downhill: (this is a beginner to intermediate workout)

Minutes 0-5: Warm up at speed 3.5 and incline 2.0

Minutes 5-8: Speed 2.8 and incline 15.0

Minutes 8-11: Speed 3.0 and incline 13.0

Minutes 11-14: Speed 3.1 and incline 11.0

Minutes 14-17: Speed 3.0 and incline 9.0

Minutes 17-20: Speed 3.1 and incline 7.0

Minutes 20-23: Speed 3.2 and incline 5.0

Minutes 23-26: Speed 3.3 and incline 3.0

Minutes 26-30: Speed 3.5 and incline 1.0

Cool down for 2 minutes at speed 3.4 and incline 0.

Give these workouts a try! Be sure to check with your doctor that you are cleared for vigorous activity!

Why the need for new cardio workouts?

There are a few reasons why it's critical that you do new cardio workouts every couple of months. For one, your body is apt to get used to the same routine. Once your system adapts to the workout, your odds of making further progress greatly diminish. Another reason is the mental freshness - if you are totally used to your routine and know what to expect, you tend to "phone it in" and not work as hard. You also tend to stop paying attention to form. For these reasons, getting new cardio workouts is a great idea!

Let our trainers set you up with your own personal new cardio workouts.

indoor cardio workouts

Go here for a Price Quote - it probably will take just one session. We offer video calls as well as in person visits in certain areas. 

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