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Here are the new diet and exercise articles that have been posted this month:

Unfortunately 50% Effort Gets You An "F" in School... But just a little more effort and you can make the grade! Learn about the small changes you can make to finally see the weight loss results you've been seeking.

Neat Weight-Tracking Module Gets the "White Noise" Out of the Daily Weigh-in! The 'Google 15' is a fun, easy weight-tracking module that can help you lose weight. This short article explains how.

Healthy pH=Healthy Body Learn how your body's pH affects your health--and seven steps you can take to improve your body's pH today.

The Surprising Facts About Weight Training and Muscle Size Lifting heavy weights is actually the best way to reduce muscle size. Learn why and how to do it safely and effectively!

Is Your Workplace a Hazard For Your Diet? Special Guest Author. The workplace can be a dangerous place for a dieter. 8 tips to guard against unwanted workplace calories.

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