Natural Foods are Far Better for You and Your Physique

Natural foods are so much better for you than ones loaded with additives, preservatives, and other chemicals. Your body is NOT designed to have to sift and sort though all the chemicals, additives, and preservatives in most supermarket foods. Your liver has to work in overdrive to process these foods, which drains and fatigues you, leaving you susceptible to illness. You can also get toxins built up in your system by repeatedly consuming processed foods over the years. Therefore, natural is best.

If you shop in a supermarket, look for organic foods that state they are prepared with all natural ingredients. Here is a tip: If you cannot pronounce an ingredient or recognize what it is, most likely it is not something found in nature!

If you prepare homemade foods or purchase homemade foods, you will be able to control the ingredients. You still should prepare the foods with natural, preferably organic ingredients, or check to see that the company you purchase from does. In the Derry, NH area is one such company: Our goal at Emaly's is to create delicious natural foods that the whole family will love. Our baked goods will become your family's favorites!

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