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'Mealenders' give you that edge you've been looking for!

We all know what we SHOULD be eating, but let's face it--dieting is hard work, with temptation lurking behind every corner.

That's where mealenders come in! Mealenders will give you that edge that you've been looking for to help you stick to your diet.

They are a 'candy' lozenge that you can put in your mouth and enjoy to signify to yourself that your meal is over and to prevent you from going back for seconds or for desert. 

Alternatively, you can use them when you have a hankering for a snack but know that you are not truly hungry.

They work by activating your pleasure center and also by stimulating a special nerve on your tongue that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Click here to learn more about how Mealenders work or to order.

Great news! All of my readers will receive 15% off all orders! Simply use coupon code 'HomeBodies' at checkout.

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