Making Weight Loss Automatic:
The Meal Movement!

What is the Meal Movement?

It's the first meal delivery plan that I 100% support as being safe, effective and healthy for a solid 2-4 lbs. a week on average of weight loss.

You'll eat real food and snacks for less money per day than it would probably cost you to eat right now (just over $10 per day). It's certainly less expensive than if you eat out even just one meal a day. All delivered to your home so you don't have to work or think. Are you excited??
You should be!!

You get to choose from a yummy assortment of fresh, nonprocessed food so you get stuck having to eat something that you don't like. The plan is completely individualized to your tastes, and it arrives at your doorstep and is stored in your freezer.

Please click here to contact me if you would like to try out the meal program and get the Coupon Code!

There are special offers going on all the time. Currently there is one that is just $99 for two weeks of lunches and dinners. Normally that plan is $329 for 4 weeks, so this is a great way to try out the plan without too much financial commitment. I will get you the coupon code if you are interested!

Please click here to contact me if you would like to try out the meal program or you have questions!

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