Most Hated (I mean least favorite!) exercises straight from the mouths of Home Bodies clients!

To kick off our 10 months of celebrating Home Bodies 10-year anniversary, I thought we'd all do a little venting! Nothing wrong with that!

I polled clients on their least favorite exercises, and the answers were varied! It seems that everyone has their own personal least favorite exercises. Without further ado, here are the exercises:

I really &#$%@ hate this exercise!

*Side plank--lift top leg


*Sideways step-ups

*Walking lunges


*Superman--any variant :)

*Another person disliked superman (hey what did he ever do to you?)


*Pushups--all types :)

*Plank side steps

*One legged Deadlifts

*Regular deadlifts

Its a running joke that when people tell me they don't like an exercise I tell them I don't really care. However, if this dislike goes on for awhile even after you've had a chance to become stronger at it, I will usually assign an alternative that works something similar.

But for a thank you for taking part in this poll, I will be giving you a 'get out of jail free' card to use on getting out of the exercise for the rest of the year. Look for it at your next visit, and thank you for playing!

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