Know Your Fats!

Sure, certain oils, nuts, avocado and coconut are heart-healthy, but you still need to be mindful of the calories. A healthy diet includes 65 grams of fat per day for the average person. Most foods contain some fat, so it does add up fast!

Avocado…1/2 medium
Cal 140, fat 14g

Nuts, average…1/4 cup
Cal 170, fat 15g

Oils, all types …1 Tbsp
/ Cal 100, fat 11g

Coconut, shredded…1/4 cup
Cal 70, fat 7g

Nut butters, average…2 Tbsp
Cal 180, fat 16g

Reduced fat Peanut butter..2 Tbsp
Cal 190, fat 14g

Olives…6 medium
Cal 30, fat 2g

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