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Jump-Start Your Fitness
Today with Home Bodies!

The Jump Start fitness program is perfect for beginners who want an affordable, personalized program. It's also great for those who have exercised before but need a '"ump start" back into working out.

get started home bodies personal trainingWe all need a jump start from time to time. Home Bodies is here to help!

You see, it's tough to get going when you don't know where to start. That's why our Jump Start Fitness Program gets you off to a strong start. We structure it so that you know exactly what you need to do to get the results you're after. Once you've completed the Jump Start Program, you can ease your way into one of our other longer term programs to either help you finish the job getting to your goal, or to help with maintenance once you're there!

The Jump-Start Package includes:

  • FOUR one-hour in-home personal training visits
  • TWO individualized strength training, flexibility, and cardio routines to follow
  • Customized nutrition and/or supplement plan written specifically for your goals
  • Text and e-mail support from your trainer
  • Motivational and educational e-mails from Home Bodies 

purchase the jump start fitness program today.

The Jump-Start Program is available for the special rate of $249. You may space your visits as far apart or as close together as you wish. If there is an in-home trainer available to your area, you can receive the sessions at your home. If here is no in-home trainer available, you will have the option of receiving the instruction via video call. Sign up by contacting us and letting us know you could use a jump start! We can let you know whether in home or virtual options are available to you.

benefits of jump-starting at home versus at the gym.

If you jump start your fitness at a gym, much of the knowledge you gain there will only apply to the gym. There will be equipment at the gym that you might not have at home or at another facility. This means that if you ever leave the gym, much of what you learned will be lost. 

By jump-starting your fitness at home, you will have a lifelong skill that no one can ever take away from you - the option of getting a wonderful workout right at home! The COVID-19 virus has taught us all something about how important our home life can be. Home exercisers really have the edge under just about any circumstances that could come our way.

jump start fitnessYou can jump start your fitness with Home Bodies in home fitness training today just by signing up!

what happens after my jump start?

Some folks choose to continue the weekly meeting because they like and benefit from them. That will certainly be an option for you if you choose! You can also begin reducing the frequency of your visits if you feel more comfortable with your handle on your health and fitness at that time.

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