Low Impact, High Intensity, No Equipment Needed Cardio Workout

by Gina Paulhus, Owner of Home Bodies

Think you can’t get an intense workout walking outdoors? Think again!

Walking is great because you can do it anywhere, most people can physically handle it, and it’s fairly idiot-proof. However, the intensity of walking outdoors can leave something to be desired. If power walking isn’t for you, and you don’t have access to hills, check out this take on increasing the intensity of your walk.

Interval Walking Workout

Minute 0-5 warm-up with a moderate pace walk to your comfort level

Minute 5-10 kick it up by walking as quickly as you can

Minute 10-11 perform walking lunges—each time you take a step, step out a bit farther than you normally would and bend your legs. Keep alternating legs.

Minute 11-15 walk backwards as quickly as you can

Minute 15-20 walk forward as briskly as you can while remaining up on your toes

Minute 20-25 walk sideways criss crossing feet (the grapevine). Halfway through switch sides

Minute 25-26 perform walking lunges backwards

Minute 26-30 walk forward at a moderate pace to cooldown.

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