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indoor bike endurance workout

Well, the weather outside is frightful...but this bike workout is so delightful :)

When it's too cold and snowy to bike outdoors, this indoor bike endurance workout will be sure to help kick your endurance into high gear! That way, come spring, you'll be able to rock the pavement without missing a beat.

30-minute endurance blast.

Min.             Position                            RPM                  Resistance

0-5                warm-up, seated flat     80-100 rpm     low

5-8:30           seated hill                       60-80                moderate-high

8:30-10         seated (recovery) flat    80-100             low-moderate

10-12:30       seated, hill                      60-80               high

12:30-15       standing, hill                  60-80                high

15-16            seated (recovery) flat   80-100              low-moderate

16-18:30       standing hill                  60-80                 moderate-high

18:30-21       seated hill                     60-80                 moderate-high

21-24            standing hill                  60-80                 high

24-25            seated (recovery) flat  80-100               low-moderate

25-27            seated hill                      60-80                  high

27-30            seated flat                     80-100                low

Let me know how it goes :).

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