Courtney is an in home personal trainer from Boston MA. She covers Jamaica Plain, Allston, and surrounding areas.

Courtney cannot wait to help you make health and fitness a lifestyle, so you can enjoy exercise and the feeling of looking and feeling fabulous everyday.

"I have been an athlete all my life and I believe that fitness and health is a lifestyle, not a choice. Exercise has so many benefits that can last a lifetime, and even make a bad day better. I love to educate and to help others with adopting a healthier lifestyle and fitness is just one of the ways in which I can reach out to people.

I entered this field because I have a passion for fitness and health. For me, it wasn't even a choice--it is part of who I am.

When I first see a new client, I will do a comprehensive evaluation to start, to determine their desires, potential roadblocks and any health issues that they may be dealing with. Making health and fitness a daily choice depends on many factors that are different for every person. I like to get to know my client's likes and dislikes and to develop a program that will fit that individuals lifestyle and make it their own and something that they can enjoy and look forward to regularly.

I have extensive experience working with people with health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Once a basic fitness is established, I like to mix things up as much as possible with lots of interval type work and circuit training. I think resistance training is very important for everyone and enjoy educating on different types of resistance workouts. I especially find it rewarding to teach women how to achieve great results with resistance workouts. I enjoy letting people experience what their bodies and minds are capable of.

My philosophy on diet and exercise is that it is a lifestyle, not something you are 'on' or 'off.' I prefer not to use the word 'diet' at all. Diets are not set up to be successful long term. Moderation is the key and learning to eat whole foods and correct portions. Exercise is also a lifestyle and we should always be looking for ways to move our bodies a little more.

Courtney Cowan's Qualifications:

*ACE certified Personal Trainer since 1998
*NASM-CPT certification
*CPR certified
*Health Coach and Exercise Physiologist
*Extensive experience working with those with diabetes, heart disease and other health concerns

Courtney Cowan is available to work with anyone who is up to 45 minutes from Boston MA. If you are interested in working with Courtney, please fill out the Quote Request form.

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