I have Fat on my lower Stomach

by Adam
(Van Nuys)

Well it all started last years december i was turning 15
and my mom was saying my little boy has turned 15 yeah.
But when new years came i made a promise that my new years resolution would be to go from my weight of 215 to
160 well my height was 5.10 so i wasnt going to lose more than that i started leaving every singl junkfood i ate.So i didnt eat any junk food anymore so what i did is i started runnig a round my neighborhood every day an months passes and i had done it.But there was one problem
i was skinny from my upper stomach that was cool and everything,when i looked at my lower stomach it was bulgy
it looked as if i was still fat in the middle of my stomach it looked as if i had a hole my lower stomach is
still this way and im frustrated looking at it.Especially since im in the cross country running team i would of thought it would be gone with all the running please tell
me something to get rid of my lower stomach.

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Jul 21, 2011
Abdominal excersises
by: Anonymous

do abdominal excersises kid. it'll help. you'll have sexy abs for ladies in a about a month. it worked for me

Jul 18, 2011
i hate my life because my lower body is fat and i dont have a pack.
by: Anonymous

well im 5'7 100lb and 12 years old... i dont get y i cant get a pack and fight off that lower body flab. im really skinny everywhere other than the lower stomach. what should i do?

Apr 14, 2008
Lower Stomach FAT!!!!
by: Jay

I have had the same problem.....I used a trainer who is one of my friends. His name is Andrew....He is from Nashua NH.

He taught me that it is a combination of diet and workout intensity. Andrew Ghalashahi showed me that the ab muscles are one unit. You can focus on certain spots, like lower,upper and side by the work out your are doing.

To get rid of lower stomach fat, I was advised to to 3 sets of 30 rep leg lifts and to lower my carb intake after 7:00pm

Andrew Ghalashahi is My Personal Trainer

In the Fall of 2007 Andrew Ghalashahi helped me get through a difficult break up of a long term relationship. If it wasn't for Andrew Ghalashahi's help I would not be in the healthy shape I am in now. Andrew Ghalashahi served as a true inspiration to take better care of my own health. I find Andrew Ghalashahi a inspiration in fitness because when we were both younger he struggled with his weight just as I did. During the time Andrew Ghalashahi and I were not talking he took control of his own weight and started training to become a weightlifter. His wait loss and muscle gain was all done the natural and legal way. Today Andrew Ghalashahi is a fitness professional and certified personal trainer. I decided to hire Andrew Ghalashahi as my own personal trainer because of his determination to push you in the gym to your physical limits. Many personal trainers are afraid to give their clients some serious weight to push but not Andrew Ghalashahi. With Andrew Ghalashahi's unique training program you will get results! I lost about 60 Lbs so far with Andrew Ghalashahi's help! Most of what I learned about supplements came from Andrew Ghalashahi as well. I go to the gym with Andrew Ghalashahi about 5-6 times a week where we train for about an hour and a half each time.

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