Home Workout Equipment Guide

Our home workout equipment guide will leave you buying with confidence!

home workout equipmentThis home workout equipment guide will help you buy with confidence.

If you are looking at purchasing some home workout equipment, this guide will be a huge help!

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to set up your own "home gym." Even if you don’t have a dedicated room for working out, a simple but complete homegym can be yours for less than $100. If you can spend a little more, you will be able to more easily breeze through your workout or purchase heavier weights to take you to that next level. 

A yoga mat and a set of dumbbells allow you to perform hundreds of exercises for all muscle groups, and even perform cardiovascular work via circuit training. These pieces of equipment can be stored in a closet and you can use them right in your living room. Many are unsure as to the best type of dumbbells to purchase. Here is a guide to choosing dumbbells for your home.

Individual Free Weights


• Low cost per dumbbell—about 70 cents/lb

• Great for beginners

• Good if you don’t need a bunch of different size weights

• Quick—you can just grab one and perform your workout—no setup needed


• As you get stronger you need to keep buying more dumbbells

• Can take up a lot of space

• Buying a full set can cost a lot—up to $700 for up to 60 lb. weights

• As you grow your collection you will want a storage rack which is an additional cost and takes up space

Manual Adjustable Dumbbells


• Low cost for naked dumbbell handle and individual plates—about 70 cents/lb. Only $70 to make a set of up to 50 lb. weights.

• Space saver because you can set up any size dumbbell all using just one handle


• Screwing and unscrewing the handles to change the weight will take extra time, and interfere with circuit training. Having more than one set of handles can help.

• You need "higher math" skills every time you adjust the dumbbell to make sure you have the correct weight.

Selector Dumbbells


• You instantly have access to 5 lb. up to 55 lb. weights with 2.5 to 5 lb. increments

• Over 20 "pairs" of varied weights that take up very little space


• Most costly upfront - several hundred dollars of an investment.

Good Brand: (they adjust super fast)

Another Good Brand: (they are more compact)

Suspension Trainers


  • You can do a huge variety of exercises for all parts of the body
  • They are fun to use
  • They are light and  portable for travel


  • There will be parts of the exercise that feel too easy for many exercises due to the fact that you're not always pushing the same amount of weight against gravity
  • You need a door to attach the system to

My Favorite Brand

I love Edge Mobility Suspension Trainer. It's about 1/3 of the price of TRX and in my opinion works just as well. Use coupon code HOMEBODES to save 10%.

I hope this guide on purchasing home workout equipment was helpful! If you'd like a trainer's assistance building out your home gym, please contact us

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