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The Rio Olympics Workout Challenge!

If you have neglected workouts recently, or you just need a kick in the pants, join our Olympics Workout Challenge! If the Olympians can work so hard to reach their goal, we can be inspired to work a little harder too! 

Here is the way it works!

The Olympics begin with Opening Ceremonies on Aug. 5.

Each day, you will need to perform the exercise from the previous day(s), plus the current exercise for the day. This page will be updated with new exercises as the days unfold. 

By day 16, you will have done a workout with 16 exercises!!

Please interact with us on my Facebook page as you work the challenge! Anyone who has completed the entire challenge will receive a coupon to use for a 50% discount off of a session with a Home Bodies trainer!

DAY 16 (August 20): Side Plank Twist

Do 5 (beginner), 8 (intermediate) or 10 (advanced). Twist as far as you can. The goal is to end up with your body facing the floor just like in a push-up position.

DAY 15 (August 19): Inverted V Push-ups

Do 5 (beginner), 10 (intermediate) or 15 (advanced). Try your best to touch your head to the floor. The wider your arms, the easier it is.

DAY 14 (August 18): Hamstring Push-ups

Do 5 (beginner), 10 (intermediate) or 15 (advanced). It's ok if they are not pretty! You will improve. Try to keep your butt and core squeezed and your hips straight.

DAY 13 (August 17): Bicycles

Do 5 each side (beginner), 10 (intermediate) or 15 (advanced). It's ok if they are not pretty! You will improve.

DAY 12 (August 16): Starfish Side Plank

Do 5 (beginner), 10 (intermediate) or 15 (advanced) on each side. 

DAY 11 (August 15): Straight Leg Hip Lift

Do 5 (beginner), 10 (intermediate) or 15 (advanced) on each side. Make sure you lift and lower your body slowly. It's best to do your weaker side first. If you are not sure which side, it's normally your left leg up in the air if you are a righty, and vise versa.

DAY 10 (August 14): Staircase Push-ups

Do 10 (beginner), 20 (intermediate) or 30 (advanced). Put your hands on the 4th stair, If you almost kiss the stair above your hands, you are doing it right! You may also notice that your stairs are dirty :)

DAY 9 (August 13): Upside Down Calf raise

Do 10 on each leg (beginner) or 20 (intermediate) or 30 (advanced).

DAY 8 (August 12): Stationary Lunge

Do 6 on each leg (beginner) or 10 (intermediate) or 20 (advanced).

DAY 7 (August 11): Tuck-in

Do 8 (beginner), 16 (intermediate), or 24 (advanced). Your hands can be placed on the floor under your upper thighs to support the low back. Keeping feet low to the ground and going slow is tougher.

DAY 6 (August 10): Resisted Clamshell

Do 8 (beginner), 16 (intermediate), or 24 (advanced). Be sure to keep your hips stacked one on top of the other. 

DAY 5 (August 9): Swimming Superman

Do 5 (beginner), 10 (intermediate), or 15 (advanced). If you cannot keep your arms straight, just lift the arms and keep them by the ears without moving them back and forth. Note that legs are lifting up off the ground on each lift.

DAY 4 (August 8): Side Plank with leg lift

Do 3 (beginner), 8 (intermediate), or 16 (advanced) on each side. Go slow! If you need to, leave your second hand on the floor for extra support.

DAY 3 (August 7): Single-Leg Glute Extension

Do 6 (beginner), 10 (intermediate), or 15 (advanced)! If you have trouble getting your hips flat at the top, move your bottom foot further away from your butt.

DAY 2 (August 6): Dips!

Do 8 (beginner), 16 (intermediate), or 24 (advanced)! Be sure not to use your legs to 'help.' Arms only.

DAY 1 (August 5): Crunches!

Do 10 (beginner), 20 (intermediate), or 30 (advanced)!

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