Benefits of Training With Home Bodies

Using a Home Bodies in-home fitness trainer provides any benefits that you won't find with the average trainer. By using Home Bodies, you will enjoy the following:

--Having a "Mastermind" Team of Trainers to help you. Many heads are better than one!

--We have a Money-Back Guarantee on all Services

--Nutrition advice is included

--Fitness Coaching is included

--FREE Mind Over Fatter book which gives you motivational life-changing advice and "assignments" to help you apply the advice to your life, all in 30 days

--Track It! Program to help you follow your trainer's program, and prizes awarded for those with the most points accumulated Home Bodies "no counting" Nutrition Grid diet management system

--Annual Body Challenge with fat loss, body transformation, cardio, and strength contests with prizes

--Get Fit, Lose Fat, and Feel Fantastic FREE client newsletter

--FREE e-zine

--Client-of-the-month program with prizes and recognition

--Monthly Fitness Trivia Games with Prizes

--All clients have Unique Programs--no cookie-cutter routines here

--Trainers have vast experience with in-home routines--we are not just "gym" trainers who happen to be coming to your home for an in-home session. In-home is our specialty.

--Home Bodies trainers listen to YOU and give you what you want, your way--we will never impose our will or beliefs upon you. We help you reach your goals and are 100% supportive and encouraging. We coach you, not dictate what you do. We don't keep you in the dark about how to achieve fitness success--we teach you how to do it on your own.

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