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learn about the home bodies benefits you can enjoy just by signing up!

Home Bodies benefits are numerous. In addition, using a Home Bodies in-home fitness trainer provides many benefits that you won't find with a gym-based personal training experience. By hiring Home Bodies for your personal training needs, you will enjoy the following:

  • Having a "Mastermind" Team of Trainers to help you. Many heads are better than one!

  •  We have a Money-Back Guarantee on all services

  • Nutrition advice is included

  • Fitness Coaching is included

  • FREE Mind Over Fatter book which gives you motivational life-changing advice and "assignments" to help you apply the advice to your life, all in 30 days

  • Track It! Program to help you follow your trainer's program, and prizes awarded for those with the most points accumulated Home Bodies "no counting" Nutrition Grid diet management system

  • FREE client newsletter chock full of valuable and up-to-date fitness information

  • Client-of-the-month program with prizes and recognition

  • All clients have Unique Programs - no cookie-cutter routines here!

  • Trainers have vast experience with in-home routines. We are not just "gym" trainers who happen to be coming to your home for an in-home session. In-home workouts are our specialty.

  • Home Bodies trainers listen to YOU and give you what you want, your way! We will never impose our will or beliefs upon you. We not rest until you reach your goals and are 100% supportive and encouraging every step along the way. We always coach you, but we never not dictate what you do. We don't keep you in the dark about how to achieve fitness success - we teach you how to do it on your own, too.

Hear from Besty all about the Home Bodies benefits she has received since being a part of this program!

home bodies benefitsGina loves working with folks from all walks of life! She is capable of helping the brand-new beginner get started as well as the advanced exerciser looking to tweak.

how a typical gym based personal training experience goes.

Personal training in a gym can be a great experience - don't get me wrong. However, the average length of a personal training client using services in a gym is under 6 months. During that six months, the client learns how to use all the equipment in the gym effectively. He or she might lose weight and build strength. 

However, what happens once that relationship ends? If the client leaves the gym, or the trainer leaves the gym (this happens A LOT as many gyms don't pay a fair wage) the client suddenly feels lost. If the client has left the gym, he or she may not know how to work out effectively at home or outside. If the trainer has left the gym, there is always that danger that the client thinks "I can't do it without my favorite trainer."

The gym can be a great short term solution, but it's rarely a good long term solution for the average client looking to retain a personal trainer's services for the long haul. At the gym, there is usually incentive to book several sessions per week, but rates skyrocket once the client no longer needs that frequency.

At Home Bodies, we have two simple rates - a pay-as-you-go and a one-month prepay rate. If you see us once a month or five times a week, you still enjoy the benefit of the pre-pay rate if you choose, but you never have to sign up for longer than one month at a time. The freedom and flexiblity are unmatched!

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