How to Maintain Healthy Habits While on Vacation

By Ashley Arpe, Head Trainer, Master Home Bodies trainer to greater Lowell

Taking care of yourself is a lifestyle commitment that begins with you! Healthy eating, proper exercise, and the proper mix of vitamins and minerals increases longevity of life. All of these healthy habits also lead to you having more energy, confidence, and feeling and looking better. Plus when exercising and eating correctly you will gain bone strength, increased flexibility, and muscle strength. The main importance to working out is you live longer—what could be better than that?

When going on vacation it is important that you maintain what you have accomplished during your regular routine at home. The first thing to remember is you should always put yourself first. Everyone can wait for you to take care of you. There are 24 hours in a day. 1 hour of the day can set aside for you. The world can wait. What is the rush? My point here is stay on track during vacation. This way when you resume with your trainer coming off vacation you do not have to start at square one again. Stay focused, dedicated and committed to yourself.

Proper nutrition can be hard. Some people have certain medical conditions that do not allow for a fast metabolism. Try to avoid foods with lots of sugar and salt. Drink more water. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, low fat items are better for you. Like the saying, ‘think before you speak,’ Think before you eat. It is the same here. Just do it.

Anyone of all ages and all medical conditions should work out. It is the most important aspect of life.

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