Healthy Finger Foods

These Healthy Finger Foods will really hit the spot - without damaging your waistline.

Tons of people ask me about healthy finger foods. Now, anyone who has talked to me about food for any period of time knows that I'm not a huge fan of recommending Random Acts of Snacking (RAoS), mainly due to it's effect on our insulin levels and our digestive system's need for rest. However, that doesn't mean that you can't eat snack-type foods!

I get it - some of us just love to snack on finger foods! We can do this - as long as we make sure those foods are proving you with valuable nutrition, minus the unnecessary junk.

Check out my 10 favorite healthy finger foods that pass the nutrition test and can be included as part of a balanced meal.

1. Candy Cravings

These coconut flakes will satisfy the urge for something rich with just a touch of sweetness.

2. Veggie Needs

These tasty baked pea snacks are high in fiber and protein - without all the extra fat of a fried snack.

3. Chocolate Fix

These cocoa dusted almonds are sure to satisfy the strongest of chocolate cravings.

4. Meat Madness

If you need something that will "stick" with you, this protein heavy-hitter will fit the bill.

5. Need to Crunch

When you just need to bite down on something crunchy, this little bean will leave you satisfied. It's got a bunch of protein too!

6. Ethnic Flavor

Looking for something different? Chickpea snacks will keep your taste buds guessing.

7. Green Power

No access to fresh veggies? These freeze-dried ones have nothing added - it can't get better for you!

8. Sweet Surrender

Sweet tooth got you down? These apple chips will set you back to right.

9. Savory and Satisfying

Looking for something salty? These snacking olives will hit the spot.

10. Need. Pizza.

Sometimes you just need pizza. If that happens, this high-protein snack will come to your rescue.

If you munch on these snacks along with a complete meal or snack that includes a protein and a produce, you can enjoy these treats while feeling good about what you are putting into your body!

Want More Healthy Finger Foods ideas?

healthy finger foods

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