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Healthy Granola Breakfast

If you're sick of shakes, try this health granola breakfast. Perfect for on-the-go mornings and less than five minutes to prepare! Make ahead in batches to save even more time.

This recipe has everything you want in a breakfast: portability, lots of protein, enough fat to sustain, fiber to keep you full, and a bit of carbs to perk you up without packing on the pounds. The antioxidants in the berries and the omegas in the seeds are an added boost.

High-Protein Granola Recipe

This recipe makes one serving--multiply to make ahead in batches. Throw into a baggie and off you go!

*1/4 cup quick oats (can use old-fashioned, but you will have to do extra chewing!)

*1/8 cup no-sugar-added craisins or raisins

*1/2 of a high-protein, low-carb bar like Quest bars or Paleo Protein bars, chopped

*2 Tbsp raw sunflower or pumpkin seeds

*dash of cinnamon or cocoa powder to taste

*dash of sea salt and/or stevia to taste

Calories: 305

Protein: 20g

Fat: 13g

Carb: 27g (12g net carbs)

Fiber: 15g

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