The 'Google 15' is a weight-tracking module that will help you measure the trend of your weight change.

There is a google module that allows you to track your weight-change trend with simply recording your daily weight. This is helpful for a couple of reasons:

1. A common trend among successful weight 'losers' is that they weigh themselves every day. Weighing in every day keeps you honest and keeps you focused on your weight-loss efforts.

2. However, sometimes weighing in every day causes people to become discouraged because, day-to-day, water weight can cause the scale weight to fluctuate. Sometimes, feeling discouraged leads people to abandon their weight-loss efforts entirely.

A solution to this dilemma is to keep track of the running average of weight, which should always be going down if you are indeed losing weight. The 'Google 15' makes this very easy and fun. Click here for more on the 'Google 15' and to start tracking your 'Google 15' to track your own weight loss efforts.

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