Gluten allergy!!!!

by Jenna Wright
(myrtle beach sc)

So I had been suffering with sudden lower abdominal weight gain and bloating, especially after I ate a meal. Never had this problem before,EVER. I also had a few other symptoms like sudden fatigue after eating anyways I Sid a lot of research online and experimented with cutting out all breads pastas fried foods. Wheat....did this for a full week...felt 60% better and the look of being 4 most pregnant was slowly subsiding. Then one day for lunch, I ate some bread...good Lord!!!! I felt HORRIBLE!!!! So thinking it was all in my mind.. I excluded those foods, then once again tested my tolerance foe gluten and was sure this was the cause for all of my concerns. I also got back in to my exercise routine and ..maybe TMI ..but did a 3 day colon cleanse and I feel fantastic! I've never been over weight or greatly out of shape ... but I am very confident in the facts and findings of the effects of gluten to your body. If you have ever been in my situation, it can't hurt doing some experimenting for yourself ...

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