So You Want to Get Lean.

Learn from a Personal Trainer what it really takes to get lean.

Most people who hire me to be their trainer are looking to get lean. Getting lean does not come just from following a certain diet. There is no special workout or a magic supplement you can take. Getting lean comes from the relationship of all of these variables working together. Getting lean is a lifestyle—and if anything is out of place, it just won’t happen.

get leanLearn what it really takes to get lean from a Certified Personal Trainer.

We all know it isn't easy, especially in this day and age. Obstacles to getting lean can be found left and right. Oftentimes, obstacles to getting lean come from our desire to do something that can sabotage our results, such as eating ice cream every night. Other obstacles arise we avoid doing things that will help in the quest, such as maintaining a regular workout schedule.

Getting lean involves removing as many of the habits that take you away from your goal as possible, while cultivating the ones that help us toward the goal of getting lean. If you ‘white knuckle’ it instead of really and truly changing your lifestyle, the results that come will always have an expiration date. 

You're Telling Me What NOT to Do. So What Should I Do to Get Lean?

Instead of spending all of your energy fighting against what we think we really want (to be overly indulgent and slothful), we need to find a lifestyle that we enjoy AND that helps us reach our goals. This is the only way that the results will be permanent and sustainable. 

Step 1.  Start by writing down all the habits you currently have that are an obstacle to getting lean. Circle the one thing you could do without. Next to the circle, write something you can add in that will help you, that does not seem totally terrible. Then execute.

Step 2.  Watch, feel and notice. Are you happy with this lifestyle shift? Keep using this approach until you find the combination of choices that work for you and bring you closer toward your goals. 

Getting Lean is possible—I don’t care who you are, or what your background is.

You just have to stop the endless search for the right cookie cutter plan and start getting honest with yourself. Start from the ground up overhauling your habits one at a time until you are satisfied with where you are, and simply keep it up!

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