My Top 30 Ways to Get Active Socially

These 30 Ways to Get Active Socially Will Help Keep You Active With Friends and Family. You'll Have Happy Relationships AND Happy Bodies!

When we find ways to get active socially, everyone wins! Let's face it - time is a precious commodity. By pairing up our active time with others, it's a great way to multitask and still take care of our health as well as our relationships!

Get Active Socially - With Your Partner

get active socially

1. Make a date with your significant other to go roller-skating, ice skating or inline skating.

3. Tackle an indoor rock climbing wall together. 

4. Add partner exercises to your workouts, like partner squats or passing the medicine ball back and forth.

5. Take turns picking a new class or sport to try together. Try friendly competition!

6. Challenge each other to a steps-per-day contest: track your steps for an entire week - the winner gets a back massage.

Get Active Socially - With Your Co-Workers

7. Hold a walking meeting with co-workers (instead of at the conference room table).

8. Start a walking club during lunch.

9. Start a "salad club." Each day, have each member bring one salad ingredient (chicken, greens, chickpeas, avocado, dressing, etc--enough for everyone to use). Toss them all together at lunchtime for a new salad every day.

Get Active Socially - With Your Kids

10. Play "follow the leader" with your kids or, if you're feeling silly - on a run with a friend.

11. Use the monkey bars and playground equipment to exercise while your kids are playing. 

12. Let your child choose a different healthy recipe each week and make it together.

13. Have a hula-hoop or jump rope contest in the backyard.

14. Have relay races with your kids.

15. If you have a newborn, meet up with your local stroller exercise group (it's usually free for first-timers).

16. Go toboganning together. Walk up the hills - no lifts!

Get Active Socially - With Your Family

17. Plan a hike or time spent kayaking on vacation.

18. Plan a "wellness day" with your mom or dad (or other family member): bring them along to yoga, and enjoy a healthy meal and good conversation together.

19. Give a family member a fitness-related gift, and show them how to use it.

20. Give your spouse or family member who's trying to get back into shape a guided tour of the grocery store.

21. At your next family picnic, organize a walk with a scavenger hunt.

22. Have a "double date" with your folks. Take an indoor aqua Zumba class with your parents and hubby.

Get Active Socially - With Your Friends

ways to get active sociallyBeing active with loved ones makes the time fly by!

23. Be 13 again: come up with a dance routine to a favorite song with a girlfriend.

24. Take a photography hike with a friend.

25. Start a walking book (discuss a book each month while taking a walk) with bookworms who are looking to shape up.

26. Set an exercise goal with a friend, then each create a wish list on your favorite retail site. Buy each other something off the list once you reach your goal.

27. Instead of a "movie night" with the girls, organize a "fitness night" where you try some fun YouTube workouts.

28. Pool together to hire a personal trainer to lead your group though a morning boot camp class.

Stay Active With Your Pet

29. Sign up for a race with your pet, like the Pooch to 5K. Invite other pet-owning friends to participate, too!

30. Sign your dog up for agility training classes. Guide your pooch through the obstacles, and you'll both benefit from a great workout. 

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