German Volume Training

Looking for something to mix up your strength training? Give German Volume Training a go. The worst thing for muscles is stagnation—sometimes it takes something ‘extreme’ to trigger new results.

It’s simple—all you need to do is choose one compound exercise, such as a squat, deadlift, bench press, or lat pulldown. You can even use bodyweight exercises like push-ups or lunges (assuming those exercises are challenging for you).

The setup is to perform 10 reps for 10 sets—yes you read that right! The challenge is to use the same weight for each set, with just 1 minute rest in between sets. So, the first few sets might not be too challenging, but by the end your muscles will be screaming!

German Volume Training is one way to mix up your strength training when gains have become difficult to come by. You don’t need to do German Volume Training all the time—using it once a month or so would be plenty to stimulate new strength gains.

A good workout might include both an upper body exercise and a lower body exercise. Each time you use German Volume Training, give another one of your usual exercises a try, and watch your strength numbers soar!

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