Your foot type dictates the type of shoes to buy for working out

Once you know your foot type, you're in a better position to pick out the correct athletic shoes for your workouts. If you're not sure which foot type you have, click here. If you DO know which you have, look for the following key words when shopping for shoes to know if it is right for your foot and your activity:

Motion-Control Shoes
The most rigid, durable, control-oriented running shoes that limit overpronation. Buy these shoes if you overpronate, you wear orthotics and want a stable shoe, or you have flat feet.

Stability Shoes
A good blend of cushioning, support and durability. Buy these shoes if you are of average weight and don't have any severe pronation or supination, but do need support and good durability.

Cushioned Shoes
The most cushioned shoes with the least support. Buy these shoes if you underpronate, have a rigid foot (high arch) and don't need any extra support.

Lightweight Training Shoes
The lightest of the training shoes designed for fast-paced training or racing. Buy these shoes if you have no motion-control problems and are a fast, efficient runner.

Trail Shoes
These shoes offer the best traction, with stability and durability. Buy these shoes if you run off-road or in inclement weather and need extra traction, more durable uppers and a thicker soled shoe.

Once you understand which shoe type you need, search a site like Zappos to find which brands and models fit your needs. Whether you buy shoes online or in a store, you need to know what to look for the find the best shoes for you.

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Other shoe buying tips:

Plan Ahead

Buy your next pair of shoes before your old pair wears out. Exercising in worn-out shoes can cause (or contribute to) injuries. Start shopping early or buy two pairs at a time, so you always have a spare. Once you've found a style you like that matches your foot type, considering buying two or more pairs. Buy more if you really love the shoes, because companies often make drastic changes to a model from year to year--next year the shoe you like might not feel the same!

Alternate Shoes

If possible, have two pairs of exercise shoes you’re actively using. Alternating shoes every other day gives your feet a break. In wet weather you will have a dry pair waiting. Also, try to use workout shoes for working out only. They will last much longer if you aren't wearing them all day.

If you're looking for a good-quality shoe without the high price, consider buying your shoes on sale. Athletic shoes that are originally priced in the mid-to-high range are generally a better-quality shoe. However, "last year's" model should be on sale for significantly less. The same can be said for overstocked models and "buy one get one half-off" specials. Go to Zappos and use the menu to find "sale" items in the category you need. Also, check out ebay from time to time: some great deals can be had if you're willing to wait for what you're looking for to pop up. Just be sure those specials you find are okay for your foot type--because you won't save any money in the long run if you cause an injury wearing the wrong shoes!

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