Top Five Tips to Stop
Putting off Your Workout

1. Get Dressed for the Task!

Put on your workout clothes and don't change until you have done your workout.

2. Tell Someone You're Doing it!

Tell a friend or family member you're getting ready to work out. The 'social pressure' will influence you to do it.

3. Work Out a Bit Hungry.

Don't allow yourself your next meal or snack until you've worked out. Then use it as a 'reward' for after you've finished.

4. Schedule Your Workout!

Add each workout to your calender. It will force you to take it as seriously as any other appointment.

5. Picture your 'Why.'

Are you trying to fit into those pants that are just a bit too snug? Do you have a physical coming up and you'd really like to improve your blood pressure and cholesterol? Do you want to be around a long time to see your grandkids grow up? Picture your reason why during moments of weakness and you'll hit some emotional buttons that will help motivate you.

Or, if all else fails, Hire one of the Home Bodies trainers!

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"Skip the the workout."

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