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the Fitness game for watching american cup

You guys, day drinking is so 2019! I present to you, the Fitness Game for Watching American Cup 2020. 

Now, for the rules!

Every time you see...

*Kinesiotape - perform 5 couch squats

*A closeup of a face for no reason - perform 8 arm circles in each direction

*Someone college stick - stretch out your quads

*A coach give someone a beam pep talk - jog in place for one minute

Every time you hear...

*That someone is adopted, consume a raw vegetable

*The Olympics mentioned - throw out something in your kitchen that is bad for you

*The name Simone - eat something with fiber

*Tim make a noise that is not actually a word - touch your toes

Every time you wish...

*That the commentator would not talk during a floor routine - take one sip of water

*That the men and women were competing together - perform one push-up

*That winning American Cup meant something (f'reals though) - perform 10 jumping jacks

*That Russia was here - show us your best attempt at a wolf turn (@Gymcastic on Twitter). Bonus points if you hit a piece of furnature (safely first!) during your turn.

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