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A Workout Partner
Could Be Your Game Changer

How to Find the Right Workout Partner

While some of us are perfectly content using exercise as our 'alone time,' others have a hard time getting motivated by themselves. If this sounds like you--that's OK! In your case, finding the right workout partner can be the key you need to unlock your fitness results.

However--finding the right partner can be challenging. Here are several tips that might make the process easier.

1. Look for a partner at your local gym if you belong to one. Approach people with whom you have developed a relationship and who you think will be emotionally supportive. Ask the fitness trainers at the gym whom they might recommend; they often get to know many of the people who frequent the gym, even if they aren't their client.

Find a workout buddy on MeetUp. Another place to look for fitness partners is You can find a number of different special interest groups such as fitness, hiking and a variety of sports.

3. Are you a young professional? If so there's a site just for you. is a site that links young professionals for teams, social events, classes and clinics. If you fit the demographic it's a good place to find a workout buddy.

4. Put it out there! Ask your friends or people at work who might be interested in working out with you. Maybe even post on Facebook that you're looking!

5. Join a group or class. Try signing up for a class at the local recreation center or YMCA. You'll bond with new friends over exercise and might even find a new workout partner. There is also an app for that. has developed a mobile app with a free and paid version. The app pairs you with people who have similar fitness goals, live in your geographical location and enjoy some of the same activities. It uses an algorithm similar to those used by dating sites. Finding a workout buddy is free but working with their personal trainers, instructors and dietitians comes with a price tag.

6. Reconnect with family. Is there a local family member that you don't seem to have an excuse to see very often? Maybe he or she is interested in working out and could become your new go-to workout buddy.

7. Mentor. When all else fails, perhaps there is a young kid or even an older person who is new to working out. Even though you might not be at the same level, having that plan to meet with them to do your workout will do wonders for your motivation. You won't want to let down your charge by canceling, so it can be a great incentive to stick to your intentions to get fit. You will also feel really fulfilled by the gift you give to this person by showing him/her the ropes.

8. The Wildcard--Work Out with Your Spouse/Girlfriend/Boyfriend. This one can take a turn for the worse, quickly. But if it clicks, you may just have a built-in workout buddy for life, and a long life for both of you, at that.

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