Fat Burning Tips

by Seth Decker
(West Virginia)

Hello, My name is Seth, and I'm 17. I have great fat burning tips for you.

So you're probably thinking "Why in the world does a 17 year old need to worry about being in shape and having abs?"

I'll tell you.

When I was 12 i became very depressed and started packing on the pounds like it was going out of style. I very quickly found myself at age 13 at weight 225.

I lost all self confidence, people didnt like being around me, and I was basically about to give up completely......then it hit me! I just need to be more active!

I then started out small, doing a few situps and pushups here and there.....then when summer rolled around i started running. THAT was the key!

See, you can be very strong and fit but not LOOK it!

I weighed 190 and and i could do 50 pushups and 100 situps, but I still didnt look as good as i felt!

The key I was missing was the running. See, you might have the mst rightesously ripped abs, UNDER the belly fat! This is the case I found with me.
No matter how many situps, crunches, pilates sets, and other ab workouts you do, unless you BURN FAT you will never see the lean ripped abs you really envy!

So, now you're asking how to burn fat? How much dieting, ridiculous and unhealthy things you'll have to do?

Not much!

See, the key to burning fat is

A: The way you Eat.

B: WHat you eat.

C: What fat burning exercises you do

A: Do you skip breakfast, eat a huge lunch, then snack around at night? Most people do, and its killing them.

Breakfast, even if its just a banana or apple or cereal bar or just SOMETHING is very important. See, after your wonderful night sleep, your bodies metabolism needs to warm up, just like a car on a cold day. Eating just something as soon as you wake up is the BEST thing you can do in a diet!

Here's a myth....eating at night is bad for you.
Why is it a myth? Because its not when you eat (after breakfast), its how much you eat. If your input output of calories is too different, i.e 3000 in a day, 2000 out a day, then you WILL gain weight. You need to be eating differently!

Start by simply cutting back on AMOUNTS. Instead of that king size, try a medium. Instead of seconds or thirds, how bout just one plate? Calories are calories, whether its a granola bar or a cheesburger, though one will have less than the other. Add up about how many calories you consume in a day. Try to get that number down to 1500 or 2000 during your "diet" time.

Also, if you arent trying to bulk up like a body builder, then eat leans meats. There are 2 types of protien, the intense ones found in pork and beef, and the lean ones found in chicken, fish and soy.

Finally, make sure are working your abs! If you diet and run then you are burning the fat, but you wont have any abs to show if you don't work them!!

Running...God I love running. You wont love it, I promise, for the 1st 2 weeks you will hate it.
After that, you will hate yourself for NOT running.

Running for longer amounts of time at slower speed or sprinting it out at full speed for shorter distances is what you should aim for. Do both for best results.

As one final note, rememeber to give your body a rest! If you are just starting to get into exercising, only exercise twice a week. after your first few weeks, try adding more and more days. If you are working out 5 day a week then you are doing good. My rest days are Wednesday and Sunday, my buisiest days.

Hope this helps!! Stick with it, even when you think you;re gonna die! Give it 2 weeks before you start looking for results. After 2 months you should be able to tell a big difference!
Set Goals for yourself, shortterm and longterm, acheive, repeat!

Best of luck, I'm rooting for you!

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