Staying Fit With Your Family During the COVID-19 Pandemic

family fitness covid 19Make fitness a family affair!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness centers and yoga studios have been closed to their patrons for several months, but as restrictions on outdoor activities are lifted, you can also start returning to your former hobbies. Carving out time in your schedule for exercising is a great way to make the most of life under lockdown. Looking for workout tips for everyone in your household? We’ve rounded up a few resources to help you jump-start your family fitness journey!

Fitness Equipment for Your Family

When you have the appropriate exercise equipment, every member of the family can try different workouts. 

  • With the right yoga mats, you can comfortably work on bodyweight exercises and stretching. 
  • Teeangers and adults alike can benefit from weight training. These tips will help you choose the appropriate dumbbells. 
  • Want to go the extra mile and set up a home gym? Decide which exercise machines you’ll need to meet your goals. 

Exercising Indoors and Outdoors

In many states, you can safely exercise outdoors again, but if you’d feel more comfortable staying home, consider following virtual workouts. 

  • When the weather is nice, spend an afternoon trying these backyard exercises with your kids. 
  • If you’ve been missing the great outdoors, keep these precautions in mind while going on safe hikes with your family. 
  • Gyms are still closed, but you and your family can participate in fitness classes online instead!
  • If you feel like you’d benefit from professional instruction, consider signing up for at-home personal training sessions

Encouraging Healthy Habits

Focus on your overall health by emphasizing mindfulness, eating nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, and motivating your family to do the same. 

  • Daily yoga sessions can help the whole family chill out. Your kids will have no problem practicing these basic yoga poses with you.
  • Whip up these high-protein snacks to fuel your family before and after workouts. 
  • Make sure your kids are staying hydrated throughout your family workouts!
  • For more healthy lifestyle tips, check out these helpful guides on everything from mindfulness to meal prepping!

Although we’re slowly shifting out of lockdown mode, most gyms are not welcoming people back just yet, as it is still too risky for large groups of people to congregate in enclosed spaces. But if you mix up your indoor workouts with time outdoors, you can help everyone in your family stay in shape during this second phase of COVID-19 recovery. Consult with one of our trainers if you would like a home workout routine designed for you.

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