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Fall Into Cardio Outdoors

Here are two new fun options to help you 'fall into cardio outdoors.' Fall is a great time to get outside--the weather generally cooperates and as the days get shorter the mood boost from exercise is appreciated. 

HIIT The Track 20 minutes

This workout is a High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) and is best for those with a fitness base.

Find a local track and use a watch or smartphone app to time your intervals using a 1:3 ratio of work-to-rest. Use a heart-rate monitor to gauge your intensity and hit that fat-burning button dead on.

Min        Activity/ % intensity

0-2         Brisk walk 60% (warm-up)

2-3         Jog 70%

3-3:30    Sprint 80%

3:30-5    Jog 50%

5-5:30    Spring 85%

5:30-7    Jog 50%

7-7:30    Sprint 90%

7:30-9    Jog 50%

9-9:30    Sprint 95-100%

9:30-11  Jog 50%

11-17     Repeat minutes 9-11

17-20     Walk/cool-down

Home Bodies offers daily check-ins if you need to be held accountable to your cardio workouts.

Power Plyo HIIT 15 minutes

This workout is a High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) and is best for those with a fitness base.

Warm up with some light cardio and total-body dynamic stretching for 10-15 minutes. Do each of these moves all-out for 30 seconds and recover one minute in between by walking around.

Min   Activity

0-0:30  Squat leap

0:30-1:30 Recovery

1:30-2 Speedskaters

2-3 Recovery

3-3:30 Mountain climbers

3:30-4:30 Recovery

4:30-5 Lateral ski jumps

5-6 Recovery

6-6:30 Burpees

6:30-7:30 Recovery

7:30-15 Repeat minutes 0-7:30

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