Fall Into Cardio Outdoors With These New Workouts

Looking to "Fall Into Cardio Outdoors" this Autumn? I've Got You.

fall into cardio outdoorsLearn how you can "fall into" getting high quality cardio outdoors.

Here are two new fun options to help you "fall into cardio outdoors." Fall is a great time to get outside - the weather generally cooperates and as the days get shorter the mood boost from exercise is appreciated. 

The only potential drawback of doing cardio outdoors is that sometimes it's harder to keep up the intensity since you are not working on a preprogrammed machine. However, by following the guidelines below you can be sure you will gain the benefits of interval training. And by setting the pace with an app, you can get the best of both worlds! I love the Interval Trainer app, available on iPhone and android.

Interval training results in increased fitness levels at a faster pace than steady state cardio. Interval training is defined by periods of more vigorous activity interspersed with periods of lower effort activity. Steady state cardio is more or less a steady effort throughout the cardio training workout. It is best to hold off on interval training until you are capable of steady state cardio for a duration of at least 30 minutes.

HIIT The Track - 20 minutes

This workout is a High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) and is best for those with a fitness base.

Find a local track and use a watch or smartphone app to time your intervals using a 1:3 ratio of work-to-rest. Use a heart-rate monitor to gauge your intensity and hit that fat-burning button dead on.

Min          Activity/ % intensity

0-2            Brisk walk 60% (warm-up)

2-3            Jog 70%

3-3:30     Sprint 80%

3:30-5     Jog 50%

5-5:30     Spring 85%

5:30-7     Jog 50%

7-7:30     Sprint 90%

7:30-9     Jog 50%

9-9:30     Sprint 95-100%

9:30-11  Jog 50%

11-17      Repeat minutes 9-11

17-20      Walk/cool-down

Power Plyo HIIT - 15 minutes

This workout is a High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) and is best for those with a fitness base.

Warm up with some light cardio and total-body dynamic stretching for 10-15 minutes. Do each of these moves all-out for 30 seconds and recover one minute in between by walking around.

Min                Activity

0-0:30           Squat leap

0:30-1:30    Recovery

1:30-2           Speedskaters

2-3                  Recovery

3-3:30          Mountain climbers

3:30-4:30   Recovery

4:30-5          Lateral ski jumps

5-6                 Recovery

6-6:30          Burpees

6:30-7:30  Recovery

7:30-15      Repeat minutes 0-7:30

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