Color-Coding Makes Logging More Valuable and More Fun

This is an idea I got from a couple of my clients, and it’s a great one! Kathy Allen in North Reading, and GJ Nelson in Watertown have come up with the idea that I’m outlining in this article. Thanks guys!

What these two are doing is using a highlighter in their training/diet logs. They keep a log of their diet and exercise, but what separates their logs from most ordinary ones is that they use a highlighter to mark entries that indicate they deviated from their goal.

For example, Kathy Allen strives to be active on most days of the week. If she doesn’t get in any exercise one day, it is a “yellow day” (she highlights the date with her yellow highlighter). Her whole family knows that she doesn’t want any yellow days, and helps keep her on track. Kathy can show Gina her log and at a quick glance Gina can tell how well closely Kathy met her goal by checking to see how much yellow is visible in the log.

GJ Nelson logs all of his workouts and food intake. He then highlights foods that weren’t part of his diet in yellow so that we can tell at a glance how many days he deviated and at which meals. He highlights workouts that were incomplete or missing so we can track that easily as well.

If you subscribe to the 80/20 rule, you will want to have 20% or less of your log highlighted. As long as you do at least 80% of what you are “supposed” to do and practice moderation during the other 20%, you will be very successful.

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