Exercise for arthritis

Learn the best exercise for arthritis

This article will teach you the best ways to exercise for arthritis. I hope you enjoy it!

by Guest Blogger Sally King

The Best Exercises To Manage Arthritis

One of the top concerns for many as they age is the prevention and treatment of arthritis. Thankfully, one of the very best ways that arthritis is managed is through manageable and daily exercise. In fact, it has been proven that up to 75% of those with arthritis felt noticeably better and more mobile when participating in regular exercise than those that did not. Managing and improving the condition is certainly possible with the right exercise plan, and making sure that the correct nutritional and supplementary regimes are being followed and the right medications are being used to make exercise is as comfortable and attainable as possible.

exercise for arthritisExercise can be wonderful for arthritis - when approached the right way.

Finding The Right Medication To Help Your Workouts

Before embarking on the right exercise regime, it’s important to ensure that the right medications are being taken to promote the movements and prevent any possible discomfort. There are many different variations and strands of arthritis, and so medication varies from individual to individual. Quite generally, the top medications available are a combination of pain relief and anti inflammatories (such as ibuprofen and higher dosage versions), which will help comfort levels immensely when exercising. It’s imperative that the correct research is done into the medication prescribed to ensure it’s the best option and most effective for an individual’s specific type of arthritis, and has minimal side effects.

Choosing Low Impact Cardio

Because daily exercise is one of the very best ways to manage arthritis, it’s important to choose the right regimes for your body and joints. Aim for 30 minutes of movement a day to optimize the benefits of supple joints, reduced pain, and stronger muscles and bones. Low impact cardio exercises such as walking and cycling are ideal as they are the easiest on the joints and bones. Water exercises, such as swimming and water aerobics, are also great options as the water supports the body weight and takes pressure off the bones and areas affected by arthritis.
Incorporating Yoga and Stretching

In addition to low impact cardio, yoga and stretching are both some of the very best for management of arthritis. The combination of deep breathing, meditation, gentle poses, and stretching all improve the mobility of joints and bones. Stiffness will be greatly improved through regular practice of yoga, as well as range of motion. Both yoga and stretching can be done at home quite easily with either a set workout plan, or at home DVDs.

Successful management of arthritis is certainly possible through exercise. As long as the right exercises are done to support the joints and body, then a healthy lifestyle that incorporates movement will greatly improve the overall health of individuals with arthritis.

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