Eliminating my lower ab bloating: Little salt/sodium and combination of fruits, and lower, upper and side abdominal workouts

by Sofia

I'm petite in size and my stomach has technically always been the smallest part of my body. But it was never really "flat", well, not since I was about fifteen. My main problems that were prohibiting me from a flat stomach were 1) Too much salt and sodium. This was from more than one diet soda a day, and sodium from things like boullion cubes, and wheat. Although these things weren't making me gain weight, they contributed to mere bloating of my lower stomach. While I still consume these things, I keep myself under extreme moderation. And 2) I was only doing upper ab exercises. Until doing a little research I was clueless on how to target my lower abs. I have greatly benefited from simply lying flat on my back, with my legs in the air, knees bent to a 90 degree angle, and lowering them until my feet are 3 inches from the ground. - Combined with upper and side abdominal exercises, there's no pudge or bloating. I also have added servings of apples to my diet. They have hardly any sodium are an energizing and filling snack.

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