Is a Detox Necessary for the Average Person?

Some think detox is necessary from time to time, while others think it's garbage. What's the truth?

Recently a question came in about whether a detox is necessary. I decided to dive in today and explain my thoughts!

Client question: I am thinking about doing one of those "colon cleanses" to jump start weight loss and boost my health. Is this a good idea, and are there any you recommend?

Gina's answer:

If your diet is filled with lots of fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you drink plenty of water and you exercise regularly, there should be no need for a colon cleanse - the colon is generally pretty good about keeping itself healthy so long as you maintain a proper lifestyle. In this cause, it's unlikely that a detox is necessary.

If you do have issues with your digestion or elimination, it is wise to consult with your doctor before trying to self-treat with products like a colon cleanse.

Now, if you have not been eating super healthfully, you might be the type who stands to benefit more from a detox type protocol. Also, sometimes folks who suffer from illness want to supplement their medical care with some natural health measures that have a detox type effect.

I have researched a wide variety of colon cleanse products over the years, and there is one that I recommend, and it is a product called essiac tea. I actually have an entire website devoted to it: Discount Essiac Tea

How does Essiac work?

detox necessaryIf you're wondering whether a detox is necessary...the answer is, it depends!

The product works because it contains eight different herbs that do a good job of returning your liver and colon to optimal working order. The side effects are almost non-existent, and it is safe to take along with prescription and over the counter medications. Furthermore, it does not require fasting, which can be unhealthy. It is important to address the liver alongside the colon because the two work hand in hand to keep your body working optimally.

Depending on how you feel, to give your liver and colon a tune-up you might take the essiac tea in a 3 oz dose three times per day for at least a week, or up to a month, or even longer in some cases. Luckily, the cost of the treatment is under $20 for a detox amount when purchased here: Discount-Essiac Tea.

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