Simple, Free Energy Booster with Only Good Side Effects!

If you want an easy way to boost your health, here's a simple solution: Take a deeper breath! Most people only breathe using the top of the lungs, but in fact the bottom of the lungs are larger and will provide much more oxygen to your body.

When your breathing is too shallow, you will find yourself short of energy and stamina to get through your day, both with workouts and with everyday life. Also, oxygen is required to burn the nutrients in the food you consume for energy, and also to burn bodyfat for energy. If you don’t breathe deeply enough you will lack energy and also accumulate and store bodyfat more readily. Many people breathe shallow when they are anxious or overburdened. However, breathing is something that you can improve upon by focusing on it.

You will know you are breathing deeply enough if you see your stomach move in and out with each breath. If the only thing that moves or expands is your chest, then you know that your breathing is too shallow and you are depriving your body of oxygen.

Deep breathing also massages and moves the soft internal organs inside your rib cage, which allows your lymphatic system to rid itself of toxins. Like drinking plenty of water, taking deep breaths is one way to help purify your body so it can function the way it is designed to.

Technique to Improve Your Breathing: To get started, sit or lie down. Place a hand on your abdomen to see whether it expands as you breathe. Take a deep breath. Your stomach should rise as you inhale, not your chest. Hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly and fully. Learn to recognize the sounds and sensations of long, slow, deep breaths. This is a good technique to practice especially before you fall asleep at night.

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