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You Will Never Guess How Danielle Rocco Totally 
Made My Day!

As a personal trainer, I sometimes work with clients who have an event coming up that they need to work extra hard to prepare their body for. Danielle Rocco called asking for me to help her in her preparation running for the The Mrs. NH Pageant this year! She started her fitness program with Home Bodies back in February and she hardly missed a beat leading up to that day. She also focused on making her already-good diet even better and healthier with our step-by-step guidance that was designed especially for her lofty goals.

It's not easy to appear onstage in a bikini, but Dani totally rocked it!

We had one major obstacle on our hands however — Dani was involved in a car accident three years ago and as a result has dealt with chronic pain in her neck ever since. 

The pain was so bad that getting out of bed was impossible for a long time. She would rally up her strength to start a workout plan, but each time the pain would quickly derail her. I was in charge of coming up with a plan that did not cause the neck pain to get worse. Since the pain affected Dani's ability to do everything from drive to work to sleep, of course she was scared of making the pain even worse. So with that information in mind, I came up with an effective plan for her that also avoided any running, jumping, jolting, straining in order to protect that neck while gently stretching and strengthening it.

I was pleasantly amazed to hear, upon meeting with Dani after her pageant on May 20 (she came in First Runner-Up, by the way!!), that she did not want to quit her workouts or even take a break! She did not want to binge on the food and drink she had been so diligently staying away from, because her solid nutrition prevented crazy cravings. She came to me right after her pageant, at her regularly scheduled appointment. When I asked what her next goal was she said, “I want to keep going and build on what we have done so far because I love how this is making me look and feel.” That, my friends, means that together we created a sustainable plan that not only got her to where she needed to be by the pageant, but it got her to a point where she has embraced this lifestyle for good!

Just exuding elegant confidence!

This change of lifestyle, and developing control of that lifestyle, is always the ultimate goal for my clients - as opposed to the ever so common crash-and-burn approach. 

I certainly don’t want to be too easy on folks, but I also don’t want to push them so far that I break them. Dani has truly found that sweet spot. I cannot wait to see what happens next for her and I thank her for making my day as a trainer!

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