HOME BODIES in-home fitness training presents...

The 8-Week
"Shape up by Summer"
2005 Body Challenge

This 8-week body challenge begins on Monday, May 9, and ends Monday, July 4. This contest is opened to the public.

The contest is opened to all Home Bodies clients as well as the general public for an enrollment fee of $99. This fee will help pay for your program design appointment as well as your baseline and final assessments, and fund the prizes being offered.

Any Home Bodies personal training client who meets with Gina at least twice per week for the 8-week period may waive the enrollment fee. Furthermore, Gina will reduce her regular training fee for your area and length of appointment by $10 per week for all who train with her twice per week during the contest. If you're a Home Bodies client who won't be training with Gina twice per week for the duration of the contest, you may still participate in the contest provided that you pay your enrollment fee. You don't have to be a Home Bodies client to enroll in the contest.

This 8-week version of the contest is open to 20 people ONLY

WHO: This contest is opened to anyone 18 years of age or over.

WHAT: All participants will receive:

* one initial in-person baseline assessment by Gina Paulhus, C.P.T.

* one personal training appointment with an individualized diet and exercise recommendation based on your goals

* one follow-up assessment at the end of the 8-week period

* an 8-week "boot camp" guide for their respective contest

* a "Home Bodies" t-shirt with the saying, "I survived the 2005 Body Challenge" on the back

The enrollment fee of $99 covers all of these expenses, including the assessment and recommendation appointments with Gina. If you live outside of Gina’s regular service area, an additional travel fee may apply. Enrollment in the 12-week contest was unlimited, but will be limited to 20 people for this 8-week version.

CATEGORIES: There are 4 categories for this contest. You may compete in up to 2 categories.

1. Photo Contest
Two prizes will be awarded, for:
--Most Improved photo
--Best results photo

2. Fitness Contest: Cardio
Two prizes will be awarded, for:
--Most Improved Cardio (5K or 10K running time)
--Best Endurance (5K or 10K running time)

3. Fitness Contest: Strength
Two prizes will be awarded, for:
--Most Improved strength (resistance training; four exercises for 6 reps)
--Strongest (resistance training; four exercises for 6-8 reps)

4. Bodyfat Contest
Two prizes will be awarded, for:
--Most pounds of bodyfat lost
--Lowest bodyfat percentage achieved

FIRST PRIZES: Eight first-place prizes will be awarded. The first-place prize includes a trophy and a mystery prize.

GRAND PRIZE: There will be one overall grand-prize winner who will receive a three-day spa weekend getaway vacation for two.

If you are interested in this contest, use the form below to submit your registration inquiry. You will be under no obligation to enroll in the contest, but we will follow up with the registration and contest details upon receiving your request. If you're sure you want to register and would like to pay with a credit card, Click here to pay your enrollment fee of $99.00 to book your 2 personal training appointments (included) and sign up for the contest!

You can also pay with a check at your baseline appointment. Simply fill out the form below to get started.

This contest has ended!

For the results, 2005 Body Challenge Results

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