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Cluster Cardio

Cluster Cardio incinerates fat
and makes the session fly by!

Cluster cardio is a new cardio hack that allows you to combine the benefits of high intensity interval bursts with a longer session to allow for maximal calorie burn. The varying pace keeps you guessing and  makes the session fly by. Learn how to do it here!

Workout: Elliptical

This workout contains two modes: Cruise and Interval.

Your 'cruising' speed/resistance is up to you. It should be a relatively easy effort. On many elliptical machines, this will be on a resistance of approximately 5. The speed should be enough to feel your body moving but not cause you to be out of breath.

All segments of time below involve the 'cruise' speed. However within that segment (anytime you want) perform the 'interval' set. The interval might be around 10 resistance and pedaling as fast as you can. It will vary based on your machine and your fitness level.

Min. 0-5  Cruise only

Min. 5-10  Two 30-second bursts with 30 sec in between

Min. 10-15 Three 20-second bursts with 20 sec. in between

Min. 15-20  One 60-second burst 

Min. 20-25  Six 10-second bursts with 10 sec. in between

Min. 25-30  Cruise only

For example: The first 5 minutes you can pedal at a resistance of about 5 at a moderate speed. Anytime during minute 5 to minute 10 you crank up the resistance to, say, 10 and pedal as fast as you can for 30 sec. Then you go back to cruise for 30 sec (resistance 5 or so; speed lower). Then you do the resistance 10 and pedal as fast as you can again for 30 sec. Then cruise until minute 10. Etc.

This cluster workout allows you to work harder during the intervals because you have extra rest before and after each group. Also, because the length of each interval is different, you will have a little more to give. Finally, because the intervals are 'clustered' together at times your body will be pushed into fat burning mode more easily. The session will go by quickly because it will feel so good to rest between the clusters. 

Have Fun!

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