See if you can commit to going to the gym for 1 week (3 sessions)— I can guarantee you’ll keep coming back.

Client of the Month for January 2005 is...
Susie Reaney of Rye, NH!

Susie Reaney, client of Home Bodies since February 2004, is from Rye, N.H. Susie and her husband Chris have three boys: Brian (8), Jack (5), and Sam (1). You’d think that would keep her busy enough, but she also does a resistance training and cardio routine three times per week most weeks. Susie is formerly of Seattle, and goes back from time to time: I know, because she strives to stick with her workout schedule even when she’s away.

Susie’s been “on” and “off” exercise routines throughout her life, including working with a trainer in Seattle and being involved in running (when she’s not injured). She has belonged to the Seacoast Family YMCA in Portsmouth, N.H. for the past two years, works out at home as well. She decided to try training with Gina because her 40th Birthday was approaching and she hoped to lose some weight in anticipation of that milestone. She believed that a trainer would help her to lose weight, get strong and fit, and build a better physique.

Susie sees Gina weekly at the gym, but also has used Gina to design a home program for times when she’s not able to get to the gym. Susie says she likes training with Gina and Home Bodies because “it isn’t intimidating and I can do it at home if I need to and I see results.” Results? Sure—she’s lost over 20 pounds, and notices that she has better muscle tone and more energy. She’s not stopping at that, though—Susie wants to continue losing weight and stick to her weight training routine for the long haul, because she knows it’s so good for her, both physically and mentally.

Susie says, “Gina is just the right mixture of toughness and sympathy, and she has chosen great routines for me. She’s nice, too!” Susie has been one of my most consistent and hard-working clients these past months. She takes her workouts seriously in the sense that she expects herself to perform well in the gym and she hates to miss a workout. She’ll improvise with exercises at home when her family or other commitments prevent her from getting to the gym. Susie definitely hopes exercise leads changes in her physical appearance, but she also believes in fitness for all the other benefits one gets from working out—which is a great attitude to have, because you can never lose when you see the big picture. Susie started training with Gina before she had a full schedule with clients, and now she’s “bummed” that Gina is available less and less. Sorry, Susie—I really wish I could be in two places at once! In the coming months, Gina is going to work closely with Susie to start incorporating more circuit training and stretching, so that her fitness continues to improve.

Secrets of Their Fitness Success:
Susie’s Tips

“A workout is like medicine. You don’t know how good it will help heal your aches and pains (mental and physical) until you try it. The results are almost immediate. Exercise is the best anti-depressant I ever tried! See if you can commit to going to the gym for 1 week (3 sessions)— I can guarantee you’ll keep coming back. Just start out slow—don’t overdo it or you’ll get hurt or burn out.”

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