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For anyone who cannot afford the $19.95 cover price for Mind Over Fatter but needs the information, Home Bodies has the answer. Home Bodies donates Mind Over Fatter books to those battling with their weight and in need. Inside the book you'll find a home routine you can even do with no equipment, and ideas on how to eat for weight loss from simple foods at the local grocery store. Most importantly, you will receive lots of motivation, inspiration and expert tips from a real trainer. Click on the book to read more about it, and fill out the form below if you would like a free book due to financial need.

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In light of the challenges so many of us are facing today, a group of small business owners from the North Shore have come together to present one deserving couple with a free wedding. The wedding will be awarded to an engaged couple from the North Shore who has endured challenges; whether they be financial, health related, or any other personal setback.

Reason to Give was created to help one lucky couple celebrate their love and commitment to one another, without the burden of financial limitations. If you or someone you know deserves to have a free wedding, please read the rules for the contest and ENTER TODAY! The winning couple will be awarded in February 2010 and the wedding will take place on November 6th, 2010.


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